Each of us love to tinker in our yards, gardening, trimming the hedges, mowing the lawn and fertilizing. But a major concern doing it yourself, is whether you are using the right product, are they safe and are they environmentally friendly with non toxic pest control. Well, we can help you answer those questions and make you feel good about buying the right products to work in your yard and most importantly, getting that yard in top shape with organic pest control and biological pest control. Environmental Pest Systems offers several products to help you enhance your lawn or landscape or nourish that garden, nursery or farm all with natural and organic products from fertilizers to soil conditioners to soil bacteria, and micro nutrients. Each of the products are specially formulated to enrich the soil and form a soil solution so that when your lawn, plants, garden, nursery or farm is ready to uptake the vital nutrients, they are there in the proper form. Once the products are in place in the growing season, you will see the benefits of working with the natural and organic products. Turf, plants, palms and trees will readily absorb the nutrients resulting in healthier vibrant landscape with an all natural pest control approach.

An amazing product we offer is the bio-enhanced 10-8-8 natural liquid fertilizer. Unlike conventional fertilizers that are made with muriates, an ingredient that damages soil borne naturally occurring beneficial bacteria, this product is muriate free. This balanced fertilizer will cause no harm to lawn, foliage or gardens but simply provide beneficial nutrients for positive results. Another fine product that is essential when you need to strengthen the root system of palms, trees, plants or some plants in your garden, is our 3-18-18 fertilizer. Once again, this is a muriate free fertilizer, like all of our fertilizers, with a pure form of potash. This will cause low top growth but a deep strong root system. This is also an ideal fertilizer if you are living in an area with drought conditions or if you are on water restrictions in your community. Healthy plants need less pesticides. Soil Rescue is a combination product comprised of seaweed and humic acid. Seaweed is probably the second best natural fertilizer on the planet providing many essential vitamins and minerals that will benefit anything green. The humic acid enriches and improves the condition of the soil thus benefiting the plant’s roots when it is growing or up taking vital nutrients. With regular uses of this product it will not be too long when you realize there are less disease and concern with thatch. This product can only result in a much healthier overall yard.

Penetrant is a product everyone should stock. Sooner or later you are going to break it out. This is a soil conditioner which can aerate and literally percolate the soil. Once the soil is treated with this product, it is loosened and the water begins to flow freely. Nutrients from fertilizers can easily reach the roots and nourish them. Standing water in certain areas is no longer a problem. As your lawn, foliage, garden, nursery plants or farm crops begin to grow, just look at the difference with biological pest control approach.

Wipeout is a product that is only used when a plant has a bout with aphids, mealy bugs, scale or whitefly. this natural oil based solution will literally smother the attacking insects. Once the marauding insect invaders have succumbed to this alternative pest conrol product, you can concentrate again on the health of the plant. Our all-natural micronutrients mineral package, will bring just the right amount of vital secondary nutrients to your lawn or garden. It is amazing how many commercial formula fertilizers on the market either leave out micronutrients, have an incomplete package or only contain trace amounts. When you complement those fertilizers or add them to our formulations, it will enhance their health and growth. Superior fish emulsion is undoubtedly the single finest fertilizer available. Regular use of this formulation will get any plant or garden jump started. For years many gardeners, landscape companies and farmers, have long known just what fish fertilizers can do. Try this one and you will not be disappointed. Or combine it with Soil Rescue and you now have the top two fertilizers available working for you and your yard.