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broward county smallAt Environmental Pest Systems, we are committed to using as many natural and organic products as possible in all our services. We believe that by taking this approach, we are doing our share to help protect the environment, protect ourselves, and protect our customers, their families and their pets.


But we do not limit ourselves solely to alternative methods; there are too many different types of insects, and some need to be treated immediately to protect you and your family. For these acute cases, we do use conventional products, especially when there are no effective alternative treatments available.


Whether you are a business, or home owner, Environmental Pest Systems can help you. We can control house and yard pests for you as well as fleas, ants, roaches and rodents.

We treat for termites, both the drywood and subterranean varieties.


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Pest Control

Some form of pest control is necessary periodically. It may be something as simple as using a folded newspaper, a fly swatter or can of insecticidal spray to stop an ant, fly, mosquito or cockroach. It may be much more challenging than that. This is where we come in to help you. We are a full service company in the Broward County, Florida area providing numerous services such as pest control, lawn care, termite and rodent control.


It is important that pest control be implemented so that we can live our lives with less threat of disease and pest outbreaks. Although there are many ways and products to use to halt pests, we have chosen a safer path to provide the least toxic solution to your pest needs.


When an infestation occurs, we strive to use the most effective method while bearing in mind to ensure the results are the least evasive to you, your children, pets and the environment. If we do not take any action against pests or care for our yards, we could be exposed to potential problems. It is wise to set up a preventative program to keep your house safe and yard healthy. This is a prudent course of action.


In other cases, homeowners may wait until they are confronted with a catastrophic dilemma before deciding to take action. Fleas, and ticks can overrun your house and termites will do their share to devour it. Action must be taken to counter this invasion.


When you are ready for service, preventative or catastrophic, and if you are in our service area, call us for assistance. We look forward to helping you. With our many years of experience using many natural products, some that we offer for sale in this web site, we are confident we can remedy your pest problem.

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