Environmental Pest Systems offers an array of services to south Florida. Our service area extends from Hollywood and Cooper City in the south of Broward County to Boca Raton in Palm Beach County to the north. We include the coastal cities on the east side of Broward County and as far west as the Everglades.

Cities that we cover in Broward County include Cooper City, Hollywood, Davie, Dania Beach, Deerfield Beach, Lighthouse Point, Lauderhill, Coconut Creek, Weston, Sunrise, Fort Lauderdale, Plantation, Oakland Park, Wilton Manors, Lauderdale By The Sea, Sea Ranch Lakes, Pompano Beach, Southwest Ranches, Tamarac, Margate, Coral Springs and Parkland. In Palm Beach County, we service the Boca Raton area.

There are many products on the market for various pest control services. We offer both conventional and alternative products and treatments. One key reason is because some people prefer one treatment philisophy over the other so we try to accommodate them. A second reason is because there are certain times when there may be a serious acute infestation which requires immediate attention or a quick knockdown. Although we are avid supporters and followers of alternative approaches, there are just some circumstances when a conventional product will hasten the treatment and then allow us to revert to other natural methods. When we are in a situation when it is vital to use a conventional product, we are using the newer products which have less toxicity and more research behind them.

Our services range from general household pest control, lawn and ornamental, subterranean termites, to drywood termites, rodent control and fertigation systems. In our pest control program, we offer treatments for ants, bedbugs, cockroaches, fleas, moths, pantry pests, silverfish and ticks. There are numerous types of ants with different appetites throughout south Florida. We carry numerous baits and other residual products to treat for such problems along with a choice of maintenance programs to protect your home or office.

Cockroaches are always a periodic problem in residential and commercial settings. We have products, techniques and strategies to counter them for long lasting relief.

Fleas have been around forever. If you have a pet, particularly a dog, you know this to be true. Environmental Pest Systems treats both indoors and outdoors when a flea infestation occurs. With the homeowner\\\\\\\'s cooperation along with our treatments, your house can be safely pritected.

Moths are an occasional pest problem and it generally is a clothes making moth, a pantry pest moth or even moths from the lawn. We treat for all three of them. Pantry pests such as granary moths, can be brought under control quickly with our treatment along with the elimination of the target infested food product.

Anyone who has stored numerous paper products, books, magazines, papers, may have been confronted with silverfish. Silverfish are a very fast moving pest but put on the brakes when they run into our baits.

Another major concern in south Florida are ticks. If untreated, they can make life miserable. However, our treatments cover the inside and outside of your house or establishment in order to eliminate their presence.

Lawn and ornamental treatments cover granular and liquid fertilization, lawn and foliage pests, whitefly treatments, fungus problems, weed control, soil conditioning and aeration.

Due to such a sandy and alkaline soil base here in south Florida, it is essential to provide fertilizer to enrich the soil and provide needed nutrients to the lawn and foliage. There can be numerous pests that afflict your lawn or the plants throughout the year. With our ongoing fertilization, both granular and liquid, this helps to stave off such attacks. There are times when it may be necessary to use other products to stop an infestation from damaging the turf or plant.

White flies have been prevalent in our area for some time. They can cause untold damage to ficus hedges and trees. We have internal and external remedies to arrest a white fly infestation and save the hedge or tree.

Sometimes lawns and foliage may encounter a bout with fungus, either because of heavy rains or over watering. Anti-fungal treatments are available to protect the turf or foliage from a serious encounter with fungus.

Any homeowner knows that sooner or later, you will encounter weeds in your lawn. It is essential that lawns receive proper nourishment throughout the year to strengthen and in turn fight off weeds. There are times that despite your efforts and ours, some weeds do get established. We treat for them when needed and very sparingly so as not to upset the beneficial bacteria in the soil. Another service that we offer, soil conditioning, helps in the battle against weeds , against standing water and compacted soil. This liquefied treatment goes to work immediately and can literally perk up a lawn in no time. Once the soil is aerated and percolated, it can permit the lawn to easily access the vital nutrients in the soil that it needs. We treat for wood destroying organisms such as subterranean termites. We offer treatments for another important wood destroying organism in south Florida, drywood termites. If you encounter rodent problems, rats and mice, we can help you with our baiting, trapping and exclusion and sealing plans.



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