If you are interested in affordbale pest control service, not a cheap pest control alternative, a thorough inspection will include a close examination of the interior and exterior of your house or office. Similar in-depth inspections are conducted for our other affordable pest control services which include lawn and ornamental treatments, termite service, rodent control or white fly infestations. We are interested in what pest may be presently pestering you, where that pest is residing and what receptive conditions are present. We will also ensure that a positive identification of the target pest is made, followed by an on-site assessment and ultimately, a plan of action to remedy the problem.


On-site inspection: A thorough inspection is essential of any of our services: pest control, lawn and ornamental care, termites, rodents and white flies. It is easy to sometimes overlook a property’s look and value. There could be more than one problem or a very deep rooted problem. This is crucial to find the pests because pests can be a nuisance as well as having an effect on your family’s health.

Positive identification: There are numerous pests that can attack our homes and yards. Our technicians are trained to identify the pest or pests that are causing a concern for you. With proper identification this will help us to prepare a ground plan to care for your needs. This is imperative for the right treatment and to determine the length of time to resolve it.

On-site assessment: Once the inspection is completed and a positive identification is made, the data gathered can be evaluated to decide what course of action will be instrumental in tackling the pest concern, possibly an undernourished lawn or palm, a termite infestation, a rodent outbreak or a white fly attacks to your foliage.

Plan of action: When the inspection is complete, a positive identification made, an appraisal of the findings done, a course of action is then outlined for you to rid your home or office of current pest or other concerns. A preventative strategy to minimize future pest infestations or plant malnutrition or rodent intrusions is also encompassed in our plan of action. Each technician is ready, willing and able to analyze the circumstances and derive a plan to afford your home or office long lasting protection. Now it is time for the final step.

Implement the protection plan: This final step is up to you. Once you approve our plan for one of our services: pest control, lawn and ornamentals, termites, rodents or white flies, service may begin straightaway. It is vital to take action when there is a pest problem or to enhance your landscape which will surely boost property value. Short term you may try to perform the pest treatment or even try your hand at the lawn and landscape. Think long term. Our well trained staff is ready to correct the current status and then go to work to uplift home pest protection and landscape. We are using the latest products, equipment, techniques to continue to attain the desired results for you with each service.



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