“Prior to having Environmental Pest Systems recommended to us, our home was being “treated” with the standard pest control methods by a standard pest control company. The results were also standard. Critters were sharing our home: large, small, crawling and flying. Family members were always scratching something somewhere. Richard and his staff have managed to turn all that into history. We now live critter-free. Environmental Pest Systems shows up, shows up on time and ready to go to work. The staff is quick, but extremely efficient, and our home is treated both inside and outside. Environmental Pest Systems has put the control back into pest control. Thanks.”
Larry and Maria F., Lauderhill, Florida

”Over five years ago we thought we had a small ant problem. Little did we know that we had a nesting problem of formidable proportion inside our walls. Our neighbor recommended Environmental Pest Systems, and within a week of the treatment the problem with all the ants was eliminated. We have retained your regular service since and have not seen one ant or a bug. We are pleased to recommend you and your service to any homeowner who wants to maintain an insect-free home.”
Howard and Kaison G., Plantation, Florida
“Environmental Pest Systems has been taking care of our home and office/warehouse for over 10 years. The company is extremely knowledgeable and professional. We use their yearly service, and any time we have a pest issue they are always available to come out and treat the varied South Florida insects. We strongly recommend Environmental Pest Systems!”
Greg and Gabby M., Parkland, Florida

”I have been a customer of Environmental Pest Systems for many years. What started out for me as just a pest service has grown into an array of services. EPS does an awesome job with their bi-monthly and yearly pest service. I no longer have a pest problem and remain pest-free throughout the year.

They also treat and fertilize my lawn – and it shows. My lawn is so lush and green, compared with my neighbors’ lawns. EPS has improved the drainage and kept my lawn free from fungus and pests.

We had a few plants and trees that had various diseases, and what foliage was left on them was covered in black soot. After EPS treated them, within weeks I was seeing new growth. Now they are thicker and healthier than ever.

EPS is always doing research and development to make their products more effective. Their products are the industry’s best and are all environmentally safe, which is better for you and your family. Their service is second to none. I am extremely happy and satisfied with the results and the personalized service I receive from Environmental Pest Systems.”

Pam F., Plantation, Florida

”If you have an abnormal fear of bugs like I do, then Environmental Pest Systems is the place to call. I have been using EPS for nine years and have not had any major problems in my home since nor do I have any nasty ant hills in my lawn anymore. EPS also cured my lawn of a fungus and uninvited crabgrass. If you ever get ants in your house or see them crawling on the walls outside then call EPS and they will stay until they discover where the ants are originating from and cure the problem.

It is obvious to observe that this company and their employees love their jobs. Most importantly, they are kind, friendly, reliable and trustworthy. They always come when you call. EPS uses environmentally friendly products and are genuinely warm to their clients and their pets. I would never trust another company to do the job. These exterminators are perfectionists. Try them and your bugs will move out of the neighborhood!”

Julie L., Coral Springs, Florida

”Environmental Pest Systems thank you so much for your excellent service. Thank you for keeping my home safe for our family and bug-free too. What a complete pleasure to work with a company that is so competent, responsive and reliable.”
Blair N., Boca Raton, Florida