• bio-active_10-8-8-500x500

    Bio-Active 10-8-8

    This balanced fertilizer benefits lawns, beds, landscape, gardens and nurseries by delivering the right amount of balanced nutrients for health and growth.
  • bio-active_16-4-8-500x500

    Bio-Active 16-4-8

    This fertilizer product is formulated with numerous vitamins and minerals making it ideal for green leafy plants, lawns, trees and shrubbery.
  • bio-active_3-18-18-500x500

    Bio-Active 3-18-18

    A natural liquid fertilizer designed to promote low top growth yet strengthen the crown and root structure. It is ideal for drought conditions.
  • bio-active_6-14-6-500x500

    Bio-Active 6-14-6

    A liquid fertilizer structured for mature flowering plants or established fruit trees that enable the plants or fruit trees to utilize higher phosphorous levels for the flowers on plants or fruit on trees.
  • calcium-boost-500x500

    Calcium Boost

    This product is an excellent foliar application for fruits and vegetables and is a critical element in plant cell division.
  • palm-rejuvenator-500x500

    Palm Rejuvenator

    A product geared to correct severe deficiencies in palms by delivering vital ingredients to weak palms.
  • penetrant-label-500x500


    Penetrant is a soil aerator and percolator that loosens the soil. This creates a soil exchange that begins to move nutrients, natural insecticides, air and water through the soil. As the lawn roots receive these essentials, they will grow deeply. And as the solid foundation of your plants develops, you will notice a difference in growth, color and the absence of pesky insects.
  • Prosper-and-grow-500x500

    Prosper & Grow

    An engineered product that aids flowering plants and fruit trees that are not blooming. The product’s properties assist in in blooming and producing fruit.
  • soil-rescue-500x500

    Soil Rescue

    An extremely important stimulant of root growth working to improve plant color and health, unlocking nutrients and enriching the soil.
  • superior-fish-emulsion-500x500

    Superior Fish Emulsion

  • thatch-dethatcher-500x500

    Thatch Dethatcher

    This is a safe biological liquid formulation structures to reduce thatch in lawns.
  • wipeout-500x500


    A natural formula to use in yards, gardens and nurseries against white flies, mealy bugs, soft scale and aphids.